Secrets of Wild India is an award winning series celebrating some of the richest wild places in India.

Tiger Jungle

The second episode, Tiger Jungle, was shot in Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra. Filmed over 50 days in Tadoba National Park, this film showcases the tiger in its natural habitat.

Desert Lions

This episode, unlike Tiger Jungle which was based out of one location, involved travelling to different regions and filming different species. The film features lions in Gir, wild asses in the Little Rann of Kutch, black bucks in Velavadar and Greater Rann of Kutch, as well as leopards, chinkara and demoiselle cranes in Rajasthan.




The state with the densest population of tigers and elephants, Karnataka is a place of diverse biology and natural beauty. This project by the Karnataka State Forest Department showcases the wild heritage of the state. From large mammals like tigers, leopards and elephants to smaller species like frogs and snakes, this film presents the abundant biodiversity in the state of Karnataka.


2011 World's Deadliest Towns
Total Elephant Chaos

Set in rural Assam and West Bengal, this film showcases the deadly man-animal conflict with wild elephants. The team filmed elephants day and night and were particularly focussing on areas that are heavily affected by conflict between elephants and humans.

Part of a three-part series featuring Dave Salmoni, the film aims to spread awareness about man-animal conflict.


From the giant King Cobra to the tiny Saw-scaled Viper, India is home to many of the world's deadliest snakes. Is India in the middle of a snake bite epidemic? This is the question that Rom Whitaker intends to find out with the help of his production crew. The film aims to dispel myths about snakes and snake bites, while also spreading awareness about safety while coexisting with these reptiles. What are the basic precautions that one can take? How can snake venom be used, and is there a difference in the venom obtained from different areas?



The rain forests in Agumbe region of Karnataka are also home to the venemous King Cobra. This film documents the wild King Cobra in its natural habitat, revealing what they do, where they go, and who they interact with when unobserved. Surprisingly, the people of India are very much a part of their journey. This film captures footage of the King Cobra that has never been documented before. Rare moments including a courting pair, mating, male combat and finally even cannibalism have been captured.



This wildlife documentary is set in the Western Ghats, one of the the most biologically diverse places on the planet. The film chronicles the journey of wildlife photographer Sandesh Kadur, as he sets out to track the mysterious pogeyan – a wild cat he had once seen several years ago and wishes to see and document once again. The locals know and recognise the pogeyan, but is this an undocumented feline that he is seeking out? The rich biodiversity of the Western Ghats is beautifully captured in the movie, which also has footage of rare endemic flora and fauna.