Coorg, or Kodagu, in the Western Ghats of South India, is where Dilan Mandanna has spent his entire childhood. Growing up in coffee estates, in an environment known for its glorious nature and unique culture, Mandanna developed a subconscious expertise in the ways of the wild.

His education brought him away from home to the concrete jungles of Mangalore, where he earned a Master's Degree in Social Sciences. The time he spent in the city made him recognise his connection and love for nature, and he decided to join Jungle Lodges and Resorts when he graduated. A posting in the forest, where he was surrounded by naturalists and wildlife photographers laid the foundation to a career in nature and wildlife.

He spent months studying wildlife patterns and behaviour in B.R. Hills, Karnataka, and as he explored the forests he gained tremendous knowledge and experience about bird identification, animal behaviour, movement, migration patterns and so on. He realised that the only way one could gain access and proximity to wildlife was through patience and respect.

His experience strengthened his resolve to work with wildlife, and two years later, he moved on to working on wildlife films and documentaries. Ever since, he has rigorously and relentlessly travelled all over India, and has been filming for several international production companies including BBC and National Geographic.

Mandanna is also an experienced and acclaimed photographer, and has spent days tracking and observing rare and unseen species of flora and fauna. He has explored several jungles on foot, and has captured candid, up close images of animals and birds. His photographs have also been featured in several wildlife publications and have won international acclaim and awards.

Today, Mandanna is an independent film maker, with expertise in wildlife tracking, photography, camera trapping and sound recording. He also organises nature expeditions for people who are interested in spotting, photographing and learning about nature and wildlife.

Mandanna works towards creating awareness about nature and wildlife, and the importance of their preservation for our own survival. Through short films and documentaries, he hopes to create love and respect for the wild, so that our wild heritage is protected and respected for generations. It must become human nature to nurture nature.